Russian Mushroom
days - 2023
april, 25-26
About the event
"Russian Mushroom Days" is a unique platform for everyone who works or wants to work in the rapidly developing Russian mushroom market.
Establishment of new contacts, exchange of experience, discussion of new projects to implement the numerous opportunities of the Russian mushroom business.
As part of the Russian Mushroom Days, an exhibition will be held where leading companies will present their developments and equipment for growing, storing and packaging mushrooms
Within the Russian Mushroom Days, a conference will be held dedicated to market issues, mycelium production, as well as various nuances of growing champignons, oyster mushrooms and various exotic mushrooms
The Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel will be happy to participate in the Russian Mushroom Days!
Partners of Russian Mushroom Days
  • Gold Partner
    Сasing soil producer
  • General Partner of Conference
    Leader of Russian mycelium production since 2001
  • General partner of the Exhibition
    Russian leader in the production of compost for mushroom growers
  • Partner of Сhampignon section
    Shelving and transport systems. Standard design and manufacture according to world standards
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